June 3, 2022

Green & Gold Army

The opportunity:

Green & Gold Army is Australia’s leading tourism package provider for national teams Socceroos and Matildas in men’s and women’s respectively.

Whether it be a FIFA World Cup, continental tournament or international friendly, Green & Gold Army has every fan covered who wishes to not only support their team but explore the world – ranging from Russia, France and Qatar.

With tours occurring for every major international fixture, there is always time to get on board and join the thousands of likeminded fans who travel every year – brought back to life with the post-Covid 19 era.


The project:

With the demand for supporter gear, merchandise and updates, our task was to deliver high-quality content that supporters can be proud of. For example, the scarves and hats that you see supporters wear need to incorporate the Green & Gold Army logo.

Before and during any event, key updates must be communicated – which is where we worked with Green & Gold Army to develop an effective commercial strategy, alongside Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) communications that keep all supporters up to date.


Promoting Green & Gold Army on the world stage

  • Strategy

    Commercial Strategy, Advertising, Digital Development, Game Day Activation

  • Client

    Michael Edgley

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